Ancestral Armor

Textures put together to show unwraps, I only posted a few since they're built similar. Original at 2048x2048, I also have 512x512.

Diffuse, specular, and normal.

Base mesh with wire frame.

Normal maps applied, with wire frame, and lighting.

Flat diffuse, with wire frame.


The armor set was inspired by the game Dark Souls, each piece of armor is a separate object with it’s own diffuse, specular, opacity, and normal maps. It was built with rpg game mechanics in mind. Each map was created at 2048x2048, so it would be easy to down size to say 512x512 in case memory issues. With the basic male model character I modeled underneath the armor set (for the proportions), he came out to 21k poly’s. That’s also including his sword and shield.

3D Game Model